Source Point Community Acupuncture

Source Point Community Acupuncture is a not-for-profit community acupuncture clinic offering hour-long traditional acupuncture treatments in a multi-bed setting from King George V Sports and Community Centre in Moretonhampstead. We charge on a sliding scale from £15 to £55, which means that you choose how much to pay, depending on how much you feel you can afford for your treatment.

The practitioners at Source Point have been helping me through a period of time which is tough going both physically and emotionally. Not only have I felt significantly aided by the treatments, I have also felt genuinely cared for in a very real way. I am hugely grateful that I can access this treatment, thanks due to the sliding scale pay scheme.

I have been suffering with pain in my lower back for close to two years. During the second treatment I could feel my back start to uncoil and relax. I have never had anything like it, he just seemed to know where it was tight and painful. It took more treatments to resolve years of heavy work and abuse but now I feel great and see Graeme to maintain my body and support energy levels.

Everything from the welcoming cup of tea, through the aesthetic of the screened beds to the stunningly effective treatments is just perfect. Made better still by the heartwarming ethic of accessibility for the whole community and the genuinely practical way that has manifested.

Thankyou for being here, long may you remain.

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Source Point are currently open:
Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 8pm, with their last appointment slot running from 7pm-8pm
Mondays from 10am to 4.00pm, with their last appointment slot running from 3.00pm-4pm