Gym Staff

 Brian Shires

My aims & goals are to take you to a point where you have the skills, knowledge, confidence & power gained from a progressive weight & cardio-vascular program working in conjunction with a sensible & achievable food management system to be able to plan & execute your own fitness regime without the need for instruction. This is paramount in your progression with your mind, body, soul.
Within you is the strength to learn & change, you can do this. You can lean on me as much as you want through this process as I know how emotional & difficult but ultimately rewarding this journey to the true you can be.
You just need to start.
Believe in yourself & just do it!

My experience has been gained through the study of numerous courses as my qualifications show, this factored into a lifetime of training including football, rugby, weight training, coaching rugby, junior & open age as well as coaching a ladies football team has given me the skills to be able to work closely with a diverse variety of people & understand their needs & requirements to further their growth, both physical & mental.

Gym Facilities 

The centre has a fully equipped fitness studio with a variety of exercise machines including cross trainers, running machines and rowing machines.

We also have a separate free weights area which has dunbells ranging from 1-30kg and a smiths machine.

Further to this we also have a quiet matted area in which people can do streatches and excercises that do not involve machines. This area is equipped with various bits of equiptment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, exercise steps and benches.