Boxercise Class

The class will be progressive with different punches & movement being taught over a number of weeks with all aspects of the Boxercise safety systems implemented to the highest standard. You will be working in pairs a lot of the time & in a group other times. This will eventually lead to more intense and structured Boxercise based workouts with different combinations of punches taught. Don’t worry you will be able to work at your own pace.  The structure of the class will be varied & fun and eventually lead to a separate secret workout that will leave you with more endorphins flying about than you have ever experienced before!!!!!! You will be absolutely buzzing for hours after guaranteed, but be warned it will test you beyond anything you have ever done before!!!! I KNOW THIS FIRST HAND BECAUSE I HAVE EXPERIENCED IT.!!!!!!!

The object of this  class though is to have fun in a great environment knocking the hell out of some pads, getting fit, toned, healthy, strong, empowered, lean, confident, meet friends, make friends, encourage each other & have fun, fun, fun.


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