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Adele’s Pilates

Pilates has revolutionised the way exercise has been taught, so much so that its principless have been incorporated into all exercise programmes – Good posture & abdominal strength benefits everyone!

Adele has been teaching Pilates in the local community for 20 years, qualifying initially with The Pilates Institute, London and updating regularly.

Tuesdays at 6:30 – 7:30 @ Moretonhampstead Sports and Community Centre


£426 week term
£497 week term

Comments from Members

Pilates has really improved my posture and helped me flatten my tummy…no more aches and pains – Pat (50)

Great exercise, fun and effective and keeps me supple (er)! – Jane (60)

Adele is amazing, her class is fun yet effective. Thank you – Lisa (37)


Adele Stickland

01392 244 101

Visit her website for more details